Take control of content creation in Confluence

Easily create custom and advanced templates for blog posts, pages, page trees and spaces

  • Confluence blueprints without coding

  • Highly customizable templates for your specific needs

  • Seamlessly integrated advanced templates

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Reduce the mess

Bring more structure to your Confluence pages and spaces by pre-defining content and layouts that can be tailored to your exact needs – no programming or scripting necessary.

Overcome blank page syndrome

Focus on the documentation of projects, meetings, decisions etc. and not on formatting it. Provide seamlessly integrated forms for users that capture information and don’t disrupt the workflow.

Save time and resources

Jumpstart your projects with pre-built page and space templates. Don’t rely on expensive service providers and easily structure your Confluence.

Blueprint Creator for Confluence makes it very easy to create custom blueprints and templates! – a must have for any Confluence instance.

Alexis R.

Best new app for a Confluence for a long time! Works perfectly and fits into very many use cases! Thanks a lot!

Arto K.

The Blueprint Creator supports a really broad range of use cases and makes life a lot easier.

Stefan G.

A must-have for Confluence! Finally a way to create better and time-saving templates, without any programming skills.

Manon S.



Standardize organizational processes, such as onboarding, in order to easily fit your individual requirements.

Quality management

Ensure that your documents are ISO and FDA-compliant by capturing relevant information that are embedded into the page.

Project management in customer projects

Quickly set up projects with pre-populated, ready-to-go workspaces that are specifically designed for your teams’ needs.


Project Poster



User Manual

Product Requirements

Customer spaces

Competitive Analysis


Team spaces

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Page Title Configuration

Make sure your page titles are uniformly structured by adding customized prefixes. This will help you organize your pages in spaces and

Multiple Permission Schemes for Spaces

Assign individual permission schemes to spaces that are created in order to simplify their administration.

Consistent metadata

Automatically set labels to pages and blog posts that are based on your requirements.

Restricting Global Page Blueprints

The Blueprint Creator allows you to limit global blueprints to specific space category,  so they are only available in selected spaces.

Draft Mode

Take your time in creating and customizing your blueprints. You decide when they are available for your users.

Third Party Apps Integration

The Blueprint Creator is able to capture information that is shared with other Confluence apps (e.g. Comala Document Management, Linchpin).